"Nautrie is the kind of coach who helps you get to the root of your challenge with what can only be compared with a surgical precision. She helps you reflect with thoughtfully crafted questions that empower you to be really honest with yourself. She’s the kind of coach who holds you in the most compassionate way, while nudging you, gently and consistently towards the direction you truly want to go and realize the vision you said you wanted for yourself."


R. Cruz- Lisboa

"Nautrie was so incredibly valuable as a coach, both in assisting me to grow as a team lead, and in her ability to narrow the focus for our team, cheer us on, and keep us on the path toward progress."


S. Benett

"Nautrie is an inspiring and visionary leader who knows how to bring diverse teams of people together to build a strong culture that drives toward impact. As a coach, she has significantly impacted my own personal transformation and evolution as a leader. I can emphatically say that I would not be the leader I am today without her compassionate and thoughtful coaching. She built a strong foundation of trust between us and deeply cares about me as an individual, as such she’s able to push and challenge me when I need it most to ensure I’m able to achieve the highest impact possible in my own work. Nautrie is the person you want in your corner."

A. Plant

"Nautrie was an amazing coach! She moved our team to build capacity individually and as a team."


T. Spilane