We are committed to building bridges, stronger alliances, developing skills, and helping our clients reach higher levels of excellence and unlocking untapped potential.

Our Mission

N.C. Jones Coaching & Consulting is a full-service individual and management coaching & consulting firm. We work to ignite the purpose within as many mission-aligned people and teams as possible! To do so, we work with beginning professionals, mid-level leaders, and organizations who want to build awareness and get to the root cause of things that hold them back. N.C. Jones develops customized strategies to address barriers then supports the execution of the strategies that lead to change and results.


Our Approach

Our approach to our work is both, people-centered and growth-oriented. For nearly 20 years, N.C. Jones has worked hard to develop knowledge and skills across the areas of strategy, leadership development, change management and individual excellence. We work to build our client’s skill set through best practices rooted in relationships, accountability, curiosity, and experience.